CTS Blanks

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When you consider our place on the map it comes as no surprise that CTS is home to the world’s finest fishing rod blanks.



When you step into our Auckland factory, the first thing you'll notice is a wall dedicated to our Strength Test Matrix.

Every single blank that we produce passes through this section for testing.

Why do this, and what do we learn from it?

Having an in-house flexural strength testing of our materials allows us to closely define the tightest curve our blanks can be deformed to before failure.

Every single blank is deflected to a theoretical minimum radius. This minimum radius (kind of like point loading), represents the highest fiber stress. This way we know that all fibers from the butt to the tip have been stress tested in both the compressive (inside of curve) and the tensile (outside of curve).

Our process of continuous testing of every blank is also extremely valuable in gauging the effects of our production refinements on the end performance of our blanks.

#HookedOnTechnology and Proudly Engineered and Made in New Zealand. 


If, like us, you’re #hookedontechnology, then you’ll appreciate what’s in the DNA of every rod blank we make. Fly rod blanks, conventional fishing blanks – designed for anglers who appreciate true quality.

We invest more in cutting edge design and production tooling than any blank manufacturer in the world.

With CTS, you know you’re getting the very latest design thinking to deliver rods of superior quality and performance.


With a coastline surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, and a landscape dotted with lakes and traversed by rivers and streams, New Zealand is the ideal place to test the skills of any salt or fresh water fisherman.

From our very special corner of the world, we lead the way with continuous innovation and a world-class manufacturing facility.

We don’t rest on our laurels, constantly putting our products to the test. We’re specialists in what we do and have been doing it since 1999.

CTS hand crafts our rods end-to-end with passionate attention to detail to deliver products that are truly world class.


When it comes to glass, there’s no company in the world that knows it better than we do. The QUARTZ CrystalGlass™ collection of fly rod blanks gives you the lightest, liveliest, strongest glass rods on the market today.

The original – and still the best.