SlipStream Crystal Glass Spinning Rod Blanks

$120.00 - $190.00
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The SlipStream Quartz fiberglass rod blank series uses our proprietary CTS CrystalGlass™ fiberglass.

CrystalGlass™ is our extremely high grade uni-directional S-Glass with amazing clarity. It’s fibreglass like you’ve never seen it before – light, lively and brilliantly flawless.

This range provides delicate presentation in an easy loading blank, with super robust construction. Perfect for tight situations and small streams.

Made in our world-class facility in Auckland New Zealand. Tested by the most discerning anglers in every corner of the world.

We understand that every custom build is personal in grip and seat styling.  Please use the check boxes for the logo color and logo position by adding the length of the Butt Grip plus Seat plus fore grip plus 50mm(2").


All CTS Production Orders Take 6 to 8 Weeks For Delivery