Guarantee & Repairs

At FlySpoke we love angling of all kinds and our passion leads to the creation of rods that are pleasing to the eye as well as great casting tools. Each custom build is produced from the finest materials and components available. We take great pride in having the largest collection of CTS New Zealand blanks available.

What is most important, to us, is that you are choosing the correct complete build that is perfect for what you intended.  We are always wanting you to call and talk about a purchase.  My direct number is 603-501-9511. Please call if you want more information before making your purchase.

As a Fly Fishers International Certified Single and Two Hand Master Casting Instructor, I understand the value and requirements of a fine quality fly rod.     

All custom builds are sold complete with high quality aluminum tubes and cloth socks.  If you have any custom requirements in addition to the options listed with each collection please call to let us know.  Having what you want is of great importance and the reason for a custom build in the first place. 


I understand the need for replacement rod sections.  Most of us have had broken sections and need repair.  If you need a section repair please first call 603-501-9511 to make sure the section is still available.  All rods we currently sell have replacements available.  Please then mail the broken section, complete with all guides and components still attached to FlySpoke, 55 Lane Road, Candia, New Hampshire 03034.     There is no money to be made from section repairs.  We simply do not want you to lose a rod due to a broken section.   We will cantact you as to the cost for repair.

For CTS blanks, sections can be ordered.  CTS guarantees their blanks for quality.   Please call so we can discuss what is needed.  603-501-9511