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CTS Quartz Turbo Taper Fly Rod Blanks

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Introducing Quartz CrystalGlass with TurboTaper™ (TT). The most technically advanced, fastest glass rods on the planet.

Aptly named the ‘turbo’ because it delivers extra power when needed, the TurboTaper™ is a CTS innovation that speeds up a rod taper, injecting more power in the butt of the rod, while keeping the tip area nice and agile.

Unlike older ‘broom stick’ actions that are typically found in fast powerful rods, the TurboTaper™ brings the power in smoothly, enabling the angler to present an easier, more accurate cast yet have the control and powerful delivery that a stiff base area provides.

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These blanks are designed with pure power in mind.  They are constructed with an extra powerful butt section yet a very refined tip.  Glass like never before.


The Turbo Taper collection is very narrow to heavy weights.  You will not find a better solution to big Musky than the one piece twelve weights.