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Bass Series Options

CTS is proud to introduce our new line of bass blanks! Our proprietary helix core carbon fiber blanks provide an incredible weight reduction to your casting or spinning setup without sacrificing strength or fitness. These are the blanks you have been waiting for! Light in hand with an incredible sense of touch, all have the backbone required for overpowering lunkers once the fight ensues.

Jig & WormDistance counts when it comes to casting soft plastics, regardless of your preferred rigging style. From wacky rig to Carolina style and everything in between, we got you covered. The 7’2″ Jig & Worm blank was designed for long-range lure launching! Fishing smaller jigs is delightful due to this blank’s sensitive tip.

The slightly shorter 6’10” Jig & Worm version is a powerhouse for jig fishing and works like a crowbar on obstinate fish. Combat fishing was top of mind when we developed this blank; it’s a true workhorse and shines in tight-quarters scenarios where precise placement is paramount. The 6’10” length is ideal for fishing larger worms and other plastics.

Dropshot - In the “vertical fishing world”, keeping the bait in a vertical spectrum is essential to your success, regardless of the water depth. The super lightweight, super sensitive CTS Dropshot blank is perfectly sized at 6’10” and a delight to fish all day long.

Crankbait - Whether you are an artificial purest or new to the art of plug fishing, the Crankbait and Lipped lure blank will surely take your stick bait game to the next level. A fast yet sensitive tip allows you to launch hard plastics easily without compromising the accuracy required to excel around close-in structures.

Swimbait  - The Swimbait blank is the proverbial “heavyweight” of the new bass blank roster. This 7’6″ stick was designed for slinging a broad spectrum of swim baits, from soft plastics to hardbody jointed lures. The hand-rolled carbon backbone is stout yet sensitive enough to feel a soft plastic swimbait’s tail kick, bringing pleasure to swim bait fishing that you must experience to understand.

Topwater & Frog - If slow bobbing a hollow frog or ripping a zoom toad on the surface gets your heart pumping, the Topwater & Frog blank was designed for you. This carbon helix core weapon was crafted with explosive topwater action in mind. “Popper Fishing” or “Walk the Dog” can now be done with incredible ease and accuracy.

Nedrig - With the ever-growing popularity of micro finesse fishing, we have raised the bar with our thoughtfully designed Nedrig blank. The carbon blank generates a fast action and provides maximum distance. This beautifully balanced blank has an ultra-sensitive tip that allows you to zero in on even the most gentile of eats.