Fly Casting

 on-the-dee.jpgMy name is William Ciaurro and I am a Fly Fishers International Single & Two Hand Master Certified Casting Instructor.  I first started casting a fly rod at age eleven and two hand rods some twenty years ago to make casting from a 26 foot Gaspe Canoe more efficient.  Then it was all about overhead casts and distance.  At the time I had no idea I was learning how to fish in the salt with a long fly rod.  Over the years I began to pick up the more traditional form of Spey casting and that led to Skagit and Scandinavian Shooting heads.  I increased my versatility so that whatever situation arose, I would know the rods, lines and casts that would give me the advantage to make the catch. I offer private lessons, group lessons, and demonstrations at fly fishing events. Please visit the links below for more information. 

Two Hand Casting

Single Hand Casting


Please call 603-501-9511 and we can talk about a plan to have you making the perfect cast.