Tonkin Bamboo Fly Rod Blanks

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Tonkin bamboo has become the choice material for the production of cane fly rods.  As a member of the grass family with the scientific name Arundinaria amabilis this plant grows best in the area along the Sui River in Southern China. 

When skillfully crafted a bamboo fly rod is a joy to cast.  Slow and easy and very comfortable using wider casting strokes delivers the perfect dry fly and soft hackle presentation and pulse. 

We have installed eighteen percent nickel silver ferrules made to be easily wrapped.  Three coats of spar varnish are applied.

All the prep work on ferrules is complete.  Both tip sections are epoxied and ready to wrap.  The butt section is ready to epoxy the ferrule but not applied so the grip, seat and winding check can be installed top down. 

  • Tonkin Cane
  • Flamed
  • 2 + Node Placement
  • Triple Spar Varnish
  • Easy Wrap 18% Nickel Silver Ferrules
  • Cork Ferrule Stopper
  • Rod Sock
  • Aluminum Tube (optional)