CTS Affinity 'MX' Fly Rod Blanks

$210.00 - $375.00
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With an extremely smooth and forgiving medium-fast action that’s easy to load and delivers predictably, the CTS Affinity MX provides the angler with quicker recovery and more punch in the short-to-medium range.

Thanks to our constant taper system, the blank loads quickly and delivers the smooth power needed for distance and accuracy.

The Affinity pedigree is unmatched – it’s our cornerstone fly rod series, as a result of its superior design, engineering and materials. A single VeroCore™ helical spiral is at the core of each 100% uni-directional carbon fiber (graphite) Affinity MX fly rod blank. This type of structure is regarded as the most effective way of maintaining cross-section stability during bending, therefore creating a fly rod that is more responsive and more sensitive. This is not only apparent when casting, but also when fighting a fish and even when setting the hook. Feel the difference with a CTS carbon fly rod blank.

Affinity MX carbon fly rod blanks can be customized, and you can configure a rod for any fishing situation.

Made in our world-class facility in Auckland New Zealand. Tested by the most discerning anglers in every corner of the world.


  • Material Grade: CTS HM, CTS IM and CTS HS carbon systems
  • Core: VeroCore™ Carbon Helix
  • Taper: Med-Fast
  • Action: Med-Fast – Fast
  • Colors: Select from sanded finish (P2000), Clear Coat or Standard / Metallic Color paints: CTS Color Range