CTS Affinity SK Skagit Two Hand Fly Rod Blanks

$375.00 - $465.00
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The Affinity Skagit two-handed fly rod was developed and tested with help from many experienced two-handed fly anglers from around the world. 

The Affinity pedigree is unmatched – it’s our cornerstone fly series, with superior design, engineering and materials selection. A single VeroCore™ helical spiral is at the core of each 100% uni-directional carbon fiber Affinity Skagit. This type of structure is regarded as the most effective way of maintaining cross-section stability during bending.

Compared to the Affinity DQ: Affinity Skagit two-handed fly rod blank has slightly less flex (is stiffer) in the top 2/3, and has more flex (softer) in the bottom 1/3. This is done to more easily manage anchor release of Skagit shooting heads with heavily grained tips and heavy flies in tow, and to more easily manage dangle release of full sink classic Spey lines.

With Skagit shooting heads: The Affinity Skagit two-handed fly rod tapers come to the fore to manage the sustained anchor of extreme sink tips and heavily weighted flies with an absolute minimal amount of expended energy on the part of the caster. Line management of these lines (as with all shooting heads) is best done with a very economic short stroke, and underhand dominant.

With classic Spey tapers: The Affinity Skagit two-handed fly rod blanks are authoritative in the delivery of mid to long belly Classic Spey tapers, and will do especially well with full sink Spey tapers and heavy flies. Mid to long belly Spey tapers will inherently ask for a wider stroke. This is best done with an even high hand / low hand power push, and a slight underhand power at the end of the stroke.

  • Material Grade: Ultra sensitive 57msi high modulus
  • Core: VeroCore™ Carbon Helix
  • Taper: Medium Fast Progressive
  • Action: Fast – Extra Fast
  • Colors: CTS Color Range

Please allow 6-8 weeks for production time from the CTS factory