CTS EURO Nymphing & Micro Float Rod Blanks

$275.00 - $385.00
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Affinity Euro & Micro Float Options


This collection represents CTS Blanks that work for sensitive Tight Line angling as well as offering some great choices for the latest go to Micro Trout Float.  Both these angling styles are the most effective fly or pin way to angle for most river situations.

The All New Affinity FY is now available for order.  Specifically detailed for Euro Tight Line application having a bit softer sensitive tip and greater mid range power.  

At FlySpoke, we present the finest and most important Euro Nymphing blanks available anywhere.  Most come in standard weights with fast tip feel.   Also the Reduction Tip blanks offer greater bottom backbone yet a lighter bend on the top end.

When the word "Custom" becomes part of the logo on a CTS blank it means that sections of the blank have been customized.  I know of no other company who goes to such specialized means to offer you such ability.  

We can also arrange for your blank to have a 2 weight difference on special order.  

 All CTS Blanks Not On The In Stock Page Will Take 6 - 8 Weeks for Delivery