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There is one reason why I choose CTS to be my fly rod blank.  They create the finest quality and performance fly rod my money can buy.  I have the availability to purchase blanks from every other quality maker .  If you follow this LINK to the CTSFishing website it might seem confusing.  There is so many possibilities and knowing what is best for you might be hard to understand.  My suggestion is to look through the site and then give me a call.  I can help you with the process of making the best choice and make sure you are receiving that blank at the best price possible.  FlySpoke places orders with CTS New Zealand and offers the complete blank range at the factory price without import freight, duty, tariffs or shipping to our USA customers.  We only add a $15us charge for shipments to Canada.  


Because the CTS offering is so large, we ask that you call to place your order.  We then confirm exact pricing with CTS and have your blank come with our shipment.  We also have a quantity of blanks that are used in the FlySpoke collections as well as some in different colors.  It is our intension to be adding to this in stock position in a greater way.  

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