Carbon Grips

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Carbon woven with Fiberglass grips have certain properties that have become very popular.  They are extremely light, far easier than cork to keep clean and look really cool.  Perhaps the first modern concept since shrink tubing.  All the carbon grips I have seen and purchased were black and had a very dry feel.   

What I found commercially available did not have the total look and feel I require for my custom builds.  Things like butt cap fit and the way the carbon was trimmed only to the edge of the core seems like cutting corners. 

A FlySpoke customer wanted me to build him a float rod with a blue carbon grip.  Match it up to a CTS Blank in the newest Marlin color.  

The result is custom dyed grip tubing in fourteen different colors for fly and float rods.  You will always find two colors in a carbon weave.  Fiberglass as a second material accepts color and offers a vibrant alternative to all black carbon grips.


When creating an order, in the space provided,  please tell us about the reel seat you are using and if the grip needs a recess.  The diameter of the recess is most important to creating a good secure fit.  Also, please let us know any lengths and ream sizing you need to fit your blank.

Please let us know if you have a custom grip requirement.  We build each of these components in our shop and most anything is possible  603-501-9511