Custom Cork Rod Grips

$15.49 - $105.00
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The European country of Portugal produces the finest cork in the world.  They are the main supplier for wine bottles and fine quality fishing rod grips.  At FlySpoke we have chosen to only use the highest quality grades.

The lowest grade we use is AAAA Extra.  Only Flor and Top Flor are rated higher.   We inventory and offer these higher grades for your special creation.  Please make contact if you have any suggestions for the design wanted.

By using this quality level cork, no filler is required to make a smooth and great feeling rod grip.


When creating an order, in the space provided,  please tell us about the reel seat you are using and if the grip needs a recess.  The diameter of the recess is most important to creating a good secure fit.  Also, please let us know any lengths and ream sizing you need to fit your blank.

We also welcome your custom sizing and designs from our expansive natural, burl and composite cork collections.  You can notate on this page to offer any details of seat being used to the to having all natural or burl accents.

If you have a special design requirement please call 603-501-9511.