High Stick Nymph Rods $425.00 to $450.00

$425.00 - $450.00
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The concept of the High Stick Nymphing Rods is to have one stick that can be carried all day and give us full diversity.  

In combination with our High Stick Line you need only carry one rod, one reel, one line and a complement of leaders.  The system will handle Poly and Versi leaders for the swing. 

High Stick Nymph rods are built on a single hand weight rated platform.  We use 10'0" or 11'0" blanks and extend the bottom grip section if a bottom grip is desired.  The bottom grip is your choice from fighting butt to 4" extension.  This makes each rod have the ability be be cast with one or two hands.  Single becomes double for speed and ease of casting style.

One Rod - One Reel - One Line - Many Leader Styles