FlySpoke Quartz CrystalGlass Custom Shop Two Handed Fly Rod Builds

$650.00 - $725.00
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The all new CTS Quartz DH, two-handed fly rod blanks crafted in a custom FlySpoke build featuring proprietary CTS CrystalGlass™ fiberglass.

CrystalGlass™ is our extremely high grade uni-directional S-Glass with amazing clarity.  It’s fiberglass like you’ve never seen it before – light, lively and brilliantly flawless.  This combination of blank technology and the high level in components and craftsmanship make this offering the finest linear glass rod your money can buy. 

Smooth loading and with great power, the new generation Quartz DH two-handed fly rod blank is a delight to fish. Built for catching Salmon, Steelhead and swinging large flies but with the smooth flex of a fiberglass fly rod.

FlySpoke hand crafts these fly rods from the world's leading blank maker in the USA.

  • Material Grade: Uni-directional S-Glass
  • Taper: Medium Fast
  • Action: Medium
  • Colors: CTS Translucent Range

All CTS blanks not listed on our Blank Or Build pages take 4 to 6 weeks to receive.  Custom rod production takes an additional 2 weeks.