Brand Name Custom Build Fly Rods

Because we understand that many anglers have great faith is certain brand name blanks, we are making them available as FlySpoke Custom Builds.  These blanks are available to us directly from the makers.  Sage and R.L. Winston are the brands we have chosen to show because they represent the best possible.  There are other companies to choose from and if you have a special request I will do my best to get what is needed and offer you the best price possible.  

If you notice, the pricing charged for these custom productions will always be less than what you will pay for these rods retail.  We do not charge the retail price for the blanks and components but use the wholesale price plus our labor to create your pricing.  This is your advantage to owning the brand name blank you want with a high quality custom build that uses components that are of superior quality.    

Please call me at 603-501-9511 if you have any questions or special requests for builds.  We are custom builders and every request will be given our complete attention to see the job through.

Because of the vast selection from these two companies we have simplified the purchase options.  Please note that all blanks in every United States production from these companies is available and you will receive the exact rod desired.  Prior to placing an order please call to discuss all details.  603-501-9511