THRASHER 9 Two Hand 12'6" Fly Rod

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The T H R A S H E R 9 is my personal favorite to walk salt flats and tidal runs for Striped Bass.  It has the backbone to make long casts with tungsten heads and big weighted flies.  This rod also can be used as a steelhead or Atlantic Salmon.

THRASHER 9 is a very reasonable way to get into the two hand game.

The T H R A S H E R Two Hand fly rod group is straight to the point.  That point being Skagit, Tungsten Heads & Short Head Spey.  This style of rod is the one I get the most use from here in New England and the Atlantic Providences.  From Striped Bass, Great Lakes Steelhead & mid to late season Atlantic Salmon T H R A S H E R covers the requirement.