Snake Brand Spey Seat Black Nickel Double Dyed Burl

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Snake Brand is pleased to introduce to the market Double Dyed Burl to complement those Switch Rods and Spey Rods.

Snake Brand has been an industry leader for over twenty-five years. Our goal has always been to be the leader in creativity, innovation, and performance. We looked at the offerings for Spey Fly Rods and found that there was room for improvement. We designed a specific new series of guides to improve the performance of Spey Rods. Our round helix and our proprietary ECO Finish are the perfect combination to increase line speed and distance. The rods' performance and casting ability are an art form, however, the reel seat inserts were rather plain. With this in mind, we developed a double-dyed burl which enhances and provides the finishing touches to your work of art.

We only use the finest grained woods that set your rod creations apart from those that only use plain grained woods. If you are taking the time to create a one of a kind custom rod doesn’t your rod deserve the finest reel seats and inserts available in the market?

The perfect compliment to our reel seat designs are our wood inserts.


  • Stabilized
  • UV inhibitors
  • Removable butt cap for optional fighting butt
  • Proprietary finish that is super hard that is near impossible to dent
  • Diameter is larger than typical reel seat, so it's stronger and shows more detail grain of the wood
  • Specifically designed for spey/switch rods
  • It's only the top 3-4% of wood is used in these seats


Uplocking threaded barrel with round insert 3.75" .740" .560"
Uplocking threaded barrel with round insert 3.75" .740" .560"