$450.00 - $495.00
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I just had to try and create this limited collection of go to fly rods.   

FlySpoke is now offering a USA produced fly rod with as many USA produced components as possible.  A very limited number of the items needed are sold by American companies even if the raw materials are from off shore.  The primary items in question are the grips.  Cork might not come from America but the labor to produce the grips certainly does as we produce all our own cork grips in house.

There is no part of these rods where quality of materials or craftsmanship has been lowered to make our pricing favorable.  These are beautiful fly rods crafted in our high FlySpoke standards that are being offered at a price comparable with those name brand companies who sell Southeast Asia produced products in their lessor priced collections. 

Here is what you can expect from a FlySpoke America Custom Build  

  • High Modulus USA Carbon Blanks(Translucent Gray Standard At No Additional Cost)Premium Colors Add $20.00
  • Rich Crimson And Titanium USA Nylon Wraps
  • Titanium Finish USA Hardware
  • Cork Grips Crafted In The USA From Portuguese Raw Materials
  • Carbon Grips Are Crafted By A USA Maker   
  • Ultra Violet Resistant USA Epoxy 
  • High Quality Aluminum USA Tube
  • Custom FlySpoke USA Sock 
  • 100% USA Craftsmanship