FlySpoke AMERICA 9'0" 9 Weight Fly Rod

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This rod was created as a sample for my AMERICA Collection.  The blank was purchased with the understanding that it was produced in the USA but originates in Mexico and only finished in the USA.   We are now using blanks made in the USA for the collection so this one is yours at a substantial discount.  It is a great Rod but does not fit a FlySpoke AMERICA description.

  • High Modulus Fast Action Carbon Blank 
  • Rich Crimson And Titanium USA Nylon Wraps
  • Titanium Finish USA Hardware
  • Cork Grips Crafted In The USA From Portuguese Raw Materials
  • Carbon Grips Are Crafted In Our Shop From USA Materials   
  • Ultra Violet Resistant USA Epoxy 
  • High Quality Aluminum USA Tube
  • Custom FlySpoke USA Sock 
  • 100% USA Craftsmanship