T H R A S H E R Two Hand Options              T H R A S H E R Switch Options

thrasher-cover.jpgT H R A S H E R, in urban terms, has little to do with the ability of a shark to whip it's prey to shreds with a long and powerful tail.  This T H R A S H E R not only has bite, with clean purpose, but a direct and strong ability to throw Skagit and Tungsten heads with authority.  There is nothing easy or gentle about this collection.  They are down and dirty work horse tools at a price that is affordable.

In both Switch and Short Two Hand models, you will find a length and weight that fits ocean to river.  I have one of the 12'6"  9 weights that I made for myself as a custom build.  It has become my small river Atlantic Salmon rod, Short head Skagit for Steelhead and a very powerful Striped Bass rod on flats and jetty.  

- High Modulus 4 Piece Dark Translucent Carbon - American Tackle Salt Resistant Nickle Seat - Hard Chrome Guides & Tip Top - Natural, Burl & Composite Epoxy Accent Cork Grips - Aluminum Tube & Cloth Sock -