FlySpoke AMERICA Options


 Does it matter?  I realize that having so many fly rod options can be mind boggling.  I follow social media as much as most and there are a few places where questions are asked.  The one question that made me realize a very important fly rod requirement is perceived price.  

The question is always looking for suggestions.  "What is a great fly rod for $350 to $450?"  The answers are always the same and each has a big brand name that is made in South East Asia.  We get fooled very easily into thinking that what appears to be made in one place is actually produced in another.  

So, I ask, does it matter?  FlySpoke AMERICA is in the price range.  Does not suffer from low end materials and in fact is crafted in the same high standards as all our custom production.  High modulus blanks crafted in the USA.

14 great options available with 4 grip selections and 2 hardware finishes.

Does It Matter?