- Presentation Single Hand Fly Rods -

It's all about the flex.  What the fast fly rod is to a dragster the medium action fly rod is to a fine tuned Porsche.  One is designed to go straight, fast on a rail and it does the job well.  The other makes the curves and presentation casts well.  If a light tippet is to be considered the medium temper rod will be your friend to land that trophy.  This is a story about Presentation and a happy medium between the best of both worlds.  A fly rod with the ability to make beautiful casts and have the forgiving temper to play the fish. Made from high modulus carbon and finished in a smooth matte dark green that is very light and forgiving.  These rods are dry fly and soft hackle perfect.

- High Modulus Naked Finish Blank - Burl, Composite & Natural Cork - Triple Epoxy Accents - REC Titanium Smoke & Wood Seat - Hard Chrome Snake Guides - Hard Chrome Stripper Guides With Duralote Ring - Aluminum Tube & Sock -