Presentation Series Fly Rods

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Today there is great importance in the understanding of what a complete fly rod must do.  With most tools, a fly rod has two key purposes.  The first is to cast a fly and the second land a trophy.  Here is where our tippet requirement might pose the necessity for a fly rod that will act as a shock absorber to give that tippet elasticity it lacks.   This is the key function of Presentation Fly Rods.  The blank is designed with high modulus carbon and resin to be light yet still have the bending ability to function correctly.  

- High Modulus Naked Finish Blank - Burl, Composite & Natural Cork - Triple Epoxy Accents - REC Titanium Smoke & Wood Seat - Hard Chrome Snake Guides - Hard Chrome Stripper Guides With Duralote Ring - Aluminum Tube & Sock -