High Stick Nymphing & Micro Switch Rods

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The concept of this group is very simple, yet produces the widest range of use a fly rod could cover.  I started building these rods, for myself, about 20 years ago.  In the last few years some of the brand names are calling them Trout Spey or Nymphing Rods.  The idea is that in any given day of angling, the situation and condition could change.  These changes can happen by visiting two different water bodies or the difference between the top and bottom of a single pool.  I guess we could make multiple trips back to the car for different rods and lines or we could just go with the same thing or we could go with a rod and line combination that only needs the leader to change.  

My High Stick Nymphing rods have a temper for the angler who thinks that the majority of their fishing will be nymphing.  The Micro Switch Rods have a some what faster action and are for the angler who likes to swing more than nymph. Both will do the other 's job well.

The difference is based on the necessary tippet required for nymphing verses swinging.  The nymph rod must have deeper flex and a softer action.  It's the shock absorber necessary to play a larger fish with a very light tippet.  When we swing flies the tippet can be of greater diameter because the fish keys on the back of the fly and never sees the tippet.  Natural free float verses a fly made to look like it is swimming.  

Why the bottom grip?  I learned a while ago that the perfect cast is the one that gets my fly from the time it stops fishing till it is fishing again in the shortest amount of time.  Knowing and having the ability for any fly rod to be used while casting with two hands insures that possibility when the time is right.  I two hand cast constantly when nymphing and swinging.  

The last thing about these rods is that even though they are called switch and have bottom grips they are not traditional switch rods.  They have the same power or weight system rating as described by the AFTMA for single handed fly rods.  What this means is that they are true to the normal power you are accustom to in your 9 foot single hand rated fly rod.  

If you have any questions about my custom build fly rods please call  603-501-9511

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