Custom Fly Rods



At FlySpoke we understand that a fly rod should have certain built in functions. First and foremost, it must be the correct length, weight, taper and composition to perform two very important tasks.  First, the perfect cast can only be achieved when complemented by a rods ability to make the perfect play.  This is why there are so many different styles, lengths, recoveries and actions in the modern fly rod.  The collection of the blanks we use will achieve your perfect need.  

As a Fly Fishing International Certified Single and Two Hand Casting Instructor, I have the unique understanding of every aspect of what is required for our world of angling.  These certifications demand superior knowledge. This places me in the position to help you make a smart choice.   Please feel free to call me prior to making any rod purchase, even if from another company, to talk about your needs.  I will certainly make you aware of what we build as well.  Fly rods cost a lot of money and if built well they can last a very long time using the advanced materials available today.

My custom builds are designed to cover a wide range of angling scenarios.  I have the great fortune to be linked up with CTS New Zealand who are considered the finest blank makers in the world.  In addition to the listed rods you can choose any blank that is available for your custom build. Sage, Winston, TFO, Thomas & Thomas & Epic just to mention a few. If that name brand blank is what you need then that name brand blank is what you should have.  Our builds on those blanks are really beautiful. 

Please look through this site and then give me a call.  I promise to do my best to help you find the perfect cast.