CTS Quartz CrystalGlass 6'6" 3 Weight Fly Rod Blank or Build Shine

$205.00 - $595.00
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This blank is on order and will be ready to ship or build on July 10, 2020. 

The all new CTS Quartz CrystalGlass™ fiberglass fly rod blank collection features our proprietary material – extremely high grade uni-directional S-Glass with amazing clarity.

When it comes to fibreglass fly rods, there’s no company in the world that knows them better than we do. We pioneered the production of uni-directional fibreglass fly rods in the mid 2000’s, and we’ve been at the forefront of glass innovation ever since.

If, like us, you’re hooked on technology, then you’ll appreciate what’s in the Quartz DNA.

Blank Or Build is very simple.  It's your choice.