CTS Affinity "MX" 11'0" 2 Piece Micro Trout Float Rod Blank Or Build P2000

$240.00 - $650.00
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This Blank is in stock and ready to ship or start your custom build.

The Affinity "MX" is a CTS blank series that has been replaced by the "M" and the "X" groups.  It has the attributes of both with a wider range than the "M" mid action rods.  

What makes the "MX" favorable to the micro float angler is it's ability to bend a bit deeper and react better when light tippets are being used.  Also the availability of a light weight two piece blank will fit the float style.


Trout Pin is on the move and having this blank is a game changer.

We built this beautiful Micro Trout to match an exceptional Danny Colville reel.