CTS Affinity 11'0" 3 Weight Custom 2 Weight Tip Euro Blank Or Build Deep Blue

$305.00 - $675.00
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This blank is in stock and is ready to ship or start your custom build

This is a very special blank.  Because of the ability that CTS brings to the water to create custom blanks I have ordered a few of these Euro style nymphing rods.  The body of the blank is a 3 weight and the tip section is a 2 weight.  

You will notice there is also another 11'0" nymphing rod available at a lessor price here on the site.  The reason for the price difference is that this one has the custom crafted reduced weight tip.  You can also custom order most blanks with the option up to two weights less.

The sensitivity is unmatched in nymphing rods.  Please call me at 603-501-9511 if you want to talk about blanks or builds.