Cheeky PreLoad Fly Reels

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Get loaded!  Cheeky PreLoad Fly Fishing Reels come spooled up and ready to fish.  Available in large arbor 2/3/4, 5/6 and 7/8 weights, each size PreLoad is lined with Cheeky’s premium 20 lb backing, specially paired floating fly line, and a 9 foot loop-to-loop tapered leader. Take out the hassle, guesswork, and expense of rigging up with Cheeky PreLoad Fly Reels.

S-Power Drag System
Quick change spool and B2 Backing Channel
Silent retrieve
Lightweight 4.4 oz design
Ships left-hand retrieve (easy to convert to right-hand)
Reel case, backing, fly line and leader included
20 lb backing
WF 5/6 90' floating line
4x tapered loop-to-loop leader
No spooling/rigging required