R.L. Winston III-X Custom Build Fly Rods $750.00 to $795.00

$750.00 - $795.00
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Why are BORON III X rods so often described with superlatives like “remarkable,” “unbelievable” and “extraordinary?” Perhaps because they are, indeed, superlative. Featuring advanced Boron III technology, these incredibly lightweight, powerful, fast action rods are capable of generating very high line speeds and have the widest casting range of any series we make. This makes them ideal for the vast majority of situations an angler may encounter, whether it’s making highly accurate, long distance casts or delicate, precise presentations up close. Cast one today, and experience why we truly believe a Boron III X has no equal.

  • Genuine R.L. Winston Blank 
  • High Quality Reel Seat Options From REC
  • Choice of Burl Or Natural Cork Grip Pre Attached To Blank 
  • Epoxy Grip Accents
  • Over Sized Hard Chrome, Anodized Black or Titanium Guides and Tip Top
  • High Quality Aluminum Tube & Sock
  • Building Information Details