PRO Series Two Hand & Spey Rods

The PRO Series of two hand and Spey casting rods represents a very direct range of powerful casting tools.  They are designed with fast action short stroke performance that forms tight loops when desired.  At the same time you will have full control in slowing down to keep weighted flies and sinking lines under constant tension due to the deep reserve of energy transfer with bottom grip pull.  These are fulcrum casting rods that don't expect to be treated with kid gloves.    They are not only my rods they are my rods of choice.  

 -High Modulus 4 Piece Blank - American Tackle Titanium & Graphite Insert Double Locking Seat - Hard Chrome Guides & Tip Top - Duralite Ring Hard Chrome Stripping Guides - Natural, Burl & Composite Cork With Epoxy Accents - Aluminum Tube & Cloth Sock -